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Academic Calendars - note that all calendars have been added in the "Forms" section below. 
Faculty forms for grades, withdrawals, and transfers?  They are available in the "Forms" section.
Be sure you have the correct catalog for your program (Misenheimer and Education students are in one catalog each year. Graduate and Adult Studies students are in another catalog each year.]
Course Proposal Documents
Course Proposal Form - General Education 2013-2014 (.pdf, 281K)
General Education FAQ (.pdf, 372K)
Grades, Withdrawals, Incompletes
Add-Drop Ticket (1 per sheet-NO ONLINE) (.pdf, 182K)

 Add/Drop Slip - (Does not include ONLINE Approval)

Drop Add Form for SAS.pdf (.pdf, 49K)
Independent and Directed Study.pdf (.pdf, 193K)
Grade Change Form.pdf (.pdf, 86K)
Incomplete Grade Agreement.pdf (.pdf, 94K)
Course Withdrawal.Misenheimer Undergraduates.2013 B.pdf (.pdf, 283K)
Course Withdrawal _Degree Completion (.pdf, 397K)
Course Withdrawal_Graduate (.pdf, 390K)
Withdrawal: MISENHEIMER campus 2017 (.pdf, 280K)

Misenheimer Withdrawal form for end of semester (2017)

Withdrawal from the University.Graduates and SAS.pdf (.pdf, 259K)
Academic Withdrawal Form (.pdf, 360K)

This form is for instructors to Administratively Withdraw students that are in violation of the University Attendance Policy.  Students that miss at least 25% of the course are to be administratively withdrawn by the instructor.  Administrative Withdrawal forms must be completed by the instructor and given to the Registrar's Office in a timely manner in order to comply with federal regulations.

Add-Drop With ONLINE (2-sided) (.pdf, 285K)

Add-Drop i ncludes 2-sided information for ONLINE

Helpful Hints
Setting Options for Class Lists (.doc, 509K)
Step by step instructions with screen shots on how to change the students that are displayed in your class lists.
Other Forms and Requests
Declaration or Change of Major..pdf (.pdf, 145K)
In-School Deferment Request Form. OMB#1845-0005.pdf (.pdf, 51K)
Consent to Access Information.pdf (.pdf, 39K)
Application for Graduation & Degree Audit for Adult Studies and CPE.pdf (.pdf, 146K)
Application for Graduation & Degree Audit for Graduate Students.pdf (.pdf, 146K)
Application for Graduation & Degree Audit for Misenheimer Seniors.pdf (.pdf, 84K)
Students' Privacy Rights - FERPA (.pdf, 139K)

Please review this information sheet regarding FERPA.

2017-2018 Academic Calendars and Exam Schedules

2017-2018 calendars and schedules for all programs.

Summer 2018 REVISED Calendar (2017/90) (.pdf, 183K)
Transient-Transfer Credits, Course Substitution
Transient-Transfer Credit Agreement.pdf (.pdf, 198K)
Transient-Transfer Credit Agreement.Graduate.pdf (.pdf, 280K)
Course Substitution Policy and Form.pdf (.pdf, 106K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
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